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PSY230 Week 7, DQ 1 - in an online learning environment...

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Post your response to the following: Describe how a person’s cognitive style influences learning style. Well I was particularly interesting in the field independent/field dependent section of the text and what ramifications it could have on learning styles. As I was reading I realized that I was more field independent than field dependent. I have problems remembering names and places. Like in our text, it is difficult for me to remember the names of the people or when they lived. But I can remember the concepts fairly well. That would mean that my learning style would be more concepts oriented than fact oriented. I was terrible at history in high school because it seemed like all they wanted me to do was memorize dates. But after high school I started reading history and I loved it. Someone with a dependant cognitive style would be readily able to accommodate face-to-face, date memorizing learning styles like the one used in my high school. I am much more capable
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Unformatted text preview: in an online learning environment, where the emphasis is understanding ideas rather than memorizing dates. How is personality influenced by inherent learning styles and learning environments? Learning styles are like the filter through which personality must operate. If someone is field dependent, then neurotic tendencies could be explained through a person’s anxiety towards being too submissive towards authority. If that were true, then it would not be beneficial to pressure the field dependent person to be authoritarian because of some vague concept of freedom or individuality. It would be much more beneficial to explain solutions in terms of human interaction, which is a field dependent person’s native tongue. See how the personality trait of neuroticism is best understood through the filter of the field dependent cognitive style of this particular person....
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