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PSY480 (Week 5 Summary) I thought that the discussion about empirically validated treatments was very interesting. I found this great academic article from an imminent psychoanalytical psychologists at the University of Akron about how empirically validated studies have very high internal validity, but very poor external validity. Which basically means, from what I gathered, that even though a treatment has been empirically validated it might still be of little use in a practical clinical situation as compared to more tried and true psychoanalytical approaches. This really rings home for me because it seems like a lot of the theories that we read about have been tested up the whahoo (don’t know where that word came from) but the older approaches are much more useful in an everyday clinical situation. On the learning team assignment my part was about meeting the needs of adolescents dealing with depression and drug abuse. I was surprised to learn that depression affects 25% of female adolescents and 10% of male adolescents. I didn’t know that the numbers
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