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PSY210 Week 1DQ 2 - completing my bachelor degree I will...

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I plan on being a high school teacher when I have completed my bachelors. In the state of Texas you cannot simply get an education degree. In fact you must get a degree in the specific area that you would like to teach. Of course there are no psychology classes in high school, but a minor in psychology could be to my advantage in high schools these days. I think that the school district would see a minor in psychology as an asset rather than a liability. To teach in Texas you must have many, many hours of on the job training before they give you your own classroom. I could start this training before I graduate. Texas has a system set up where I could get my certification and on the job training while I am
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Unformatted text preview: completing my bachelor degree. I will probably wait until I have graduated before I start that training though. Last year I homeschooled my oldest daughter though fourth grade. This year I am homeschooling my youngest daughter through kindergarten, in order to give her a head start. Next year I will be homeschooling my son, the youngest, through kindergarten. So for the foreseeable future I will be teaching my young children. I think that school districts will also see that as an asset. All in all I do not think I am going about my education the ideal way but rather the way that is workable for my position in life at this point....
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