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I was really not previously aware that there was significant stress associated with decision making. I am a decision-maker. I always have been. In fact if I were to isolate a specific stress that came from decision making it would be other people’s inability to make decisions. My wife and I are exact opposites. I tend to be more pushy, more lets- do-it-right-now. For heavens sake don’t ever ask her to do something and expect her to do it right now. After we were married for a while I realized that her inability to act instantaneously was more a problem with my expectations than her inability. I also can only see the positive in change. I love change. I am one of those people who likes to rearrange rooms occasionally, because I hate it when everything looks the same all of the time. I understand better now why my wife does not like change. Apparently for her there is some form of stress attached to change. That is completely foreign to me. I had never considered pain stressful, but rather I always thought of pain and stress as
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