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It is very important to me to make positive first impression with women that I meet. I really try to convey the attitude that I view them as people just like me. I try to communicate that I do not view women in primarily sexual terms, as many men do, and that I would like to get to know them as a person. I am of course married so I think that helps a lot. I usually say something like, “My wife has a hat just like that” or something along those lines. That way the woman knows that I am not a threat, that I am a “husband”. I am also very old-fashioned. I still hold doors open for women. I answer all women with yes-mam, no-mam, thank you, and please. All to try and convey my deep respect for women. How can what you do to make a positive impression differ from situation to situation? For example, what would you do differently, if anything, to make a positive first
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Unformatted text preview: impression in a job interview than you would on a first date? I think that it is very important to just be yourself in either situation. It is important that you always be yourself. Don’t try to act like somebody you are not to get a job or a date. To answer the question directly I would not act differently on a date then I would in an interview. I try to always be myself, which sometimes backfires. I have the tendency to be too straightforward. I tell it like it is. This tact does tend to benefit me more on dates than interviews. Could you imagine the manager of a business asking an interviewee why they put in there application there and the interviewee responding, “You work for the company. You tell me.” That is how straightforward I am. It works well with some people. With others they are insulted. I just try to always be straightforward and honest....
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