01Ch09 - Lauren Taranow (lmt827) Section 48950 Problems and...

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Lauren Taranow (lmt827) Section 48950 Pr oblems and Questions for Chapter 9 Material General Guidelines for All Problem Sets Your answers must be typed and must be in the order in which they are given on this page. You need not type the questions. If you do include the questions with the answers, please bold the answers or distinguish them in some other obvious way. You may hand-draw the figures if you wish. If so, leave space for the figures as you type so that they will be embedded in the proper order. From Brooker, pages 244-246 (3 rd edition, pages 242-245) Read and consider (but do not submit answers for) problems S1-S4. Answer questions C4, C12, C14, C15, C20, C29, E2c, and the additional question below. C4. What are the building blocks of a nucleotide? With regard to the 5 and 3 positions on a sugar molecule, how are nucleotides linked together to form a strand of DNA? Nucleotides are made up of a sugar, either ribose or deoxyribose, which both contain an exocyclic carbon, a nitrogenous base (either a purine or pyrimidine) attached to the 1’ carbon, and a phosphate group attached to the 5’ (exocyclic) carbon on the sugar. The phosphate group of each nucleotide will covalently bond to the hydroxyl group on the 3’ carbon of another nucleotide’s sugar, and these bonds will lead to the formation of a DNA strand. C12. What parts of a nucleotide (namely, phosphate, sugar, and/or bases) occupy the major and
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01Ch09 - Lauren Taranow (lmt827) Section 48950 Problems and...

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