03Ch12 - Lauren Taranow (lmt827) Section 48950 Problems and...

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Lauren Taranow (lmt827) Section 48950 Problems and Questions for Chapter 12 Material From Brooker, pages 321-323 (3 rd edition, pages 319-321) Read and consider (but do not submit answers for) questions S1-S3. S3 uses the term “coding” to mean “sense”. Answer questions C5, C6, C15, C16, C19, C26, C32, and the additional questions below. C5. Mutations in bacterial promoters may increase or decrease the level of gene transcription. Promoter mutations that increase transcription are termed up promoter mutations while those that decrease transcription are termed down promoter mutations. As shown in Figure 12.5, the sequence of the –10 region of the promoter for the lac operon is TATGTT. Would you expect the following mutations to be up promoter or down promoter mutations? A. TATGTT to TATATT B. TATGTT to TTTGTT C. TATGTT to TATGAT The consensus sequence for the -10 region is TATAAT, and up promoter mutations will make the sequence more like the consensus sequence. Mutations A and C differ from the consensus sequence by two nucleotides, making them up promoters, while B is a down promoter mutation, containing three different nucleotides than the consensus sequence. C6. According to the examples shown in Figure 12.5, which positions of the –35 sequence (i.e., first, second,
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03Ch12 - Lauren Taranow (lmt827) Section 48950 Problems and...

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