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Lauren Taranow lmt827 Problems and Questions for Chapter 10 Material From Brooker, page 268 (3 rd edition, pages 267 and 268) Answer questions C14, C15, C19, C24, C26, C27, and the additional questions below. C14. Describe the types and characteristics of highly repetitive DNA. Highly repetitive DNA is a DNA sequence that is repeated many times throughout a genome. Repetitive sequences can be separate from each other or in a tandem array, one right after the other. Highly repetitive DNA renatures at a much faster rate than other DNA because there are so many copies of complementary sequences. C15. Describe the structures of a nucleosome and of a 30 nm fiber. A nucleosome consists of double-stranded DNA wrapped around a complex of eight histones (histone octamer), and is 10 nm at its widest. A 30 nm fiber is formed from nucleosomes folded into a tight zig zag, held together by the H1 histone. C19. Compare heterochromatin and euchromatin. What are the differences between them?
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