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RNA Processing Prokaryotes 1. one Promoter for multiple genes 2. each gene has a start/stop codon mRNA – transcription/translation coupled 1. polycistronic – no processing, not cut apart 2. genes encode products related in function, products participate in same cellular processes [ex: biochemical pathways] 3. goes straight into translation [by ribosome ] proteins [fully made polypeptides from each gene released at stop codon] rRNA – transcript cleaved 1. one Promoter for all genes [1 place to initiate transcription] [16s rRNA, tRNA, 23s rRNA, 5s rRNA, tRNA, tRNA] – genes 2. endonuclease cleavage to break phosphodiester bonds interior of strand and separate individual rRNAs from individual tRNAs tRNA – transcript cleaved, rare bases 1. one Promoter for group of clustered tRNAs, not all tRNAs are encoded in combo with rRNAs 2. processing done on transcript 3. endonuclease recognizes particular sequence at tRNA junction, cutting them apart 4. rare bases made on U
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