FREE WILL - FREE WILL Determinism The view that everything...

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FREE WILL Determinism The view that everything that is determined. Determined here usually . Every event has a cause. If determinism is true then every thing that happens is caused by previously existing conditions, and these in turn are caused by conditions prior to them and so back indefinitely in time. A worry about this formulation Might not it be the case that everything that happens has a prior cause and yet it not be the case that what happened earlier necessitated (and thus determined) the effect? Maybe there are causal laws that are . On this view, an event e causes an event f so long as i) e occurs, ii) f occurs, iii) e s occurring raises f s occurring. Ignore this complication. Determinism and Free Will If determinism is true, then how is human freedom possible? This is the problem of free will. There are three possible solutions: A) Deny that is true. B) Deny that humans have . C) Argue that .
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The case for determinism 1) Everything in the universe is made of matter, including human beings. 2) Things made of matter conform to physical, laws. Objection Don t some things occur by ? 1) Some mutations occur . 2) It is that the coin comes up heads on the toss. Reply: Here we are ignorant of the causes. We do not know exactly what the relevant causal factors are. We do not know precisely how hard the coin was thrown into the air, the direction of the throw, the wind resistance, how many times it would turn over on the table before settling, etc. If we knew all these things, we would be able to predict with certainty how the coin would land. We don
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FREE WILL - FREE WILL Determinism The view that everything...

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