NotesTest1 - Philosophy Notes Reticular Formation: neuron...

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Philosophy Notes Reticular Formation : neuron network from spinal chord to Thalamus When cat’s reticular formation was electrically stimulated it was aroused from sleep, when reticular formation was severed, cat fell into a coma. conclusion: activity in reticular formation causes arousal Amygdala : region in brain When severed in an ill-tempered monkey, became calm. When stimulated in cat, its hair stands up, ready to attack. When probe moved, cat is scared of mouse. conclusion: activity in the amygdala causes the experiences of anger/fear Substance Dualism : mind is radically different from body/brain Arguments for Substance Dualism>> Radical Systematic Doubt: can dount body exists. Cann not doubt mind exits. mind ≠ body counter : can doubt 3 4 =81. Can not doubt 81=81. 3 4 ≠ 81 (not true) Divisibilty: my body/brain is divisible into material parts. My mind is not divisible into parts that are minds. mind ≠ body counter : my car is divisible into Honda parts. The car in my garage is not divisible into BMW parts. my car ≠ car in garage Arguments Against Substance Dualism [Causal Interaction Problem--how can brain cause changes in the mind/vice versa] Inductive Argument from History of Science: everything can be explained in physical terms (epilepsy)
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NotesTest1 - Philosophy Notes Reticular Formation: neuron...

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