Anth3 - Lauren Taranow 9-20-10 HOMEWORK # 3 CULTURE &...

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Lauren Taranow 9-20-10 I have lived in America my entire life, and have only been acquainted with the American way of life. To learn about how other cultures manage their time, I interviewed a student, Gabriel Lintner who lived in Germany until thirteen, before moving to America, and could adequately compare and contrast the differences in time management between the two countries. The foremost and most prominent difference he noted was how Americans spent their time on Sundays compared to Germans. In Germany, all stores were closed on Sundays, because it is observed as a day of rest, and people are rarely seen rushing about trying to get things done. Instead, they enjoy spending time with family and doing leisurely activities. In America, most stores are open every day, and Sunday is like any other day of the week. The closing of stores has a lot to do with how and when people will spend their times. In Germany, almost all stores close at 6:00 pm, so Germans tend to
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Anth3 - Lauren Taranow 9-20-10 HOMEWORK # 3 CULTURE &...

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