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Lecture 1: What is Life? Questions you should be able to answer after today’s lecture. 1. What is the difference between the vitalist’s view of life and the materialist’s view of life? a. Vitalist’s believe there is more to life than just than just the physical and chemical properties which are visible and readily existent. b. Materialist believe in the principals of chemistry and the operational definition of life. 2. What is the materialist’s definition of an emergent property? a. An emergent property are those properties of an element that cant be
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Unformatted text preview: inferred solely from its simpler parts. 3. What is the operational definition of life? a. Moves by internal forces b. Takes up small molecules and synthesizes large molecules in order to grow c. Transforms energy d. Generates electrical energy e. Responds appropriately to the environment. 4. Why is the cell the basic unit of life? a. Because it is the smallest unit capable of executing all the operational definitions of life....
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