Anthro4 - Lauren Taranow 9-28-10 Thursday Discussion...

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Lauren Taranow 9-28-10 Thursday Discussion Writing Assignment #4: Investigating Culture p. 174 Exercises 1 and 2 1) run-down - the state of an object when it has not been properly cared for 2) wrapped up - to be consumed with something, to have finished something 3) off base – to be wrong or to act inappropriately 4) high and mighty - to think one's self as superior and important 5) up your alley - you will have an interest in whatever is being spoken about 6) in trouble - when someone gets themselves in an unfavorable situation 7) over the top - to be more excessive than necessary 8) down in the dumps - to be sad or depressed 9) fall off the wagon - when one resorts back to an addiction after attempting to give it up 10) up against - to go against something or to be against something 11) high and dry - to be left without help 12) take it down a notch - to lower one's excitement or noise level 13) downplay - to reduce the importance of something 14) chip off the old block - to be like one's parent or elder who raised them 15) in light of - despite, because of 16) out and about - to be out and doing something 17) around the clock - spending a lot of time on something 18) go off the deep end - to go or act crazy
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Anthro4 - Lauren Taranow 9-28-10 Thursday Discussion...

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