DebatePrep2 - Lauren Taranow 10-10-10 DEBATE PREPARATION...

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Lauren Taranow 10-10-10 DEBATE PREPARATION #2: Taking Sides, Issue 12: Is Gay Marriage Natural? YES: “Gay Marriage and Anthropology” 1. Author: Linda S. Stone, Anthropologist and Professor of Anthropology at Washington State University. 2. Author’s Assumptions: Marriage has no specific definition or characteristic and varies from place to place across the world. The nature of marriage as well as the structure of a family has changed considerably since the creation of marriage; with high divorce rates, single-parent households, as well as a recombination of families resulting in step parents and siblings. Even the concept of motherhood has changed with the development of surrogate mothers and in-vitro fertilization. 3. Methods and Data: Stone presents her argument by citing specific examples that support it, such as the wide variety of “marriage” definitions people have in different locations on the globe. She also cites examples of how the concept of marriage and family has changed and will change over time; it is not a static and concrete institution. 4. Author’s Conclusions: The author concludes that we should seek for the legalization of
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DebatePrep2 - Lauren Taranow 10-10-10 DEBATE PREPARATION...

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