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Chapter 3 - company would want to delete a customer from...

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Luke McKinlay 11-17-2010 Chapter 3 Questions 3-1. a. $100,000 b. 2522 Longfellow Chicago, IL 60823 c. 07/05/2008, $200,660.00 d. Because when a customer is paying cash, the address and credit limits are not needed. e. $235.00 3-2. a. 000-4510-01 b. “Transactions exist for this customer. The customer record cannot be deleted.” c. Since the customer already has transactions on file, and they are still in accounts receivable, they must stay in the database to ensure accuracy. d. As soon as you delete an account, that customer’s transaction history and information is gone. Since storage these days is essentially unlimited, there is no reason why any
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Unformatted text preview: company would want to delete a customer from their database unless the customer requests it directly. e. 11 f. 3.00%, $148.50 g. Yes h. If Nancy gained access to the system, she could change her commission rate without manager approval. This is a control problem that Fabrikam must address. 3-3. The $3.40 selling price comes from the unit price on the invoice entry form. There are 25 shower caps in one selling unit. 3-4. The sales invoice document. 3-5. $21.00, 7.00% 3-6. The commission is so large because we changed her commission rate to 7% earlier in this chapter....
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