1. Mincer, Water, Water Everywhere, 2008

1. Mincer, Water, Water Everywhere, 2008 - Water, Water...

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Water, Water Everywhere. .. The LifeStraw looks simple. But it has the potential to save many lives By JILIAN MINCER JUNE 23, 2008 Mikkel Vestergaard Frandsen didn't set out to help millions of people get access to safe drinking water. At the age of 19, he dropped out of school and moved to Nigeria to sell trucks. But when a political coup forced him to leave Africa and return to his native Denmark in 1992, he reluctantly agreed to join the family textile business -- if he could focus on relief-aid products. His experience in Africa and later working with the Carter Center in Atlanta, a human- rights organization founded by former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, convinced him that people in developing countries needed a simple, durable device to purify water. The result was the LifeStraw, a personal, portable water purifier that eliminates virtually all waterborne bacteria and most viruses responsible for causing diarrheal diseases. The product, which costs as little as $3, has won a number of awards, including the "The LifeStraw empowers people so they don't have to wait for the government to come up with solutions," says Mr. Frandsen, who is now 36 and president and chief executive officer of the family's Lausanne, Switzerland-based company, Vestergaard Frandsen, which manufactures the LifeStraw. The light blue straw with a resilient polystyrene shell looks like a child's musical recorder. When someone sucks through the straw, the water flows through textile and iodine filters, which kill off viruses and bacteria such as E. coli. The company says nongovernmental organizations and nonprofit agencies already have bought hundreds of thousands of the drinking tubes and are distributing them in countries with unsafe drinking water. Aid groups also are buying them for communities devastated by natural disasters. Demand has been so high for LifeStraws in Myanmar, which was ravaged by a cyclone
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1. Mincer, Water, Water Everywhere, 2008 - Water, Water...

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