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2. Hammer, Cashing in On Doctor's Thinking, 2007

2. Hammer, Cashing in On Doctor's Thinking, 2007 - Cashing...

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Cashing in on doctors' thinking Sermo lets institutional investors listen in -- for a price -- as physicians talk among themselves. By  Susanna Hamner , Business 2.0 Magazine writer-reporter June 19 2007: 5:07 PM EDT (Business 2.0 Magazine) -- Even when he was still doing his surgical training at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Daniel Palestrant's friends would pester him for what amounted to stock tips: What did he think of this controversial drug? What about that new medical device? Palestrant often had answers, thanks to the buzz he was picking up from other doctors. For example, months before it became front-page news and sent Merck's ( Charts , Fortune 500 ) stock into free fall, Palestrant's colleagues were talking about the possibility that Vioxx might be speeding some heart patients to their death. It was from those impromptu chats in the hospital lounge that Palestrant got the idea for Sermo, an eight-month-old social network for MDs based in Cambridge, Mass. The company is already pulling in about $500,000 in revenue a month -- in a most unusual fashion. It doesn't get a penny
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