6. Zimmerman, Retailers Wrap Up Layaway, 2011

6. Zimmerman, Retailers Wrap Up Layaway, 2011 - Retailers...

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Unformatted text preview: Retailers Wrap Up Layaway Installment Purchases Thrive in Tough Economy; Absence Clips Target Toy Sales DECEMBER 17, 2011, WSJ By ANN ZIMMERMAN And MIGUEL BUSTILLO DALLAS—Arquietta Bold, a 23-year-old teacher's aide, endured two long lines at a Wal-Mart on Friday to pay the balance on $300 worth of toys and a digital camera she put on layaway two months ago. The hour-long wait with dozens of others was worth it, she said. "Layaway took away a lot of the stress," Ms. Bold said. "If I had to pay all at one time, I couldn't have bought this much." Friday was the deadline for many shoppers to pay the balance of their layaway purchases, which made a big comeback this holiday season. Around the country, retailers reported Good Samaritans were even stepping in to pay layaway for some customers. Layaway allows shoppers to pay in installments until the full price is met; there is also a service fee, usually $5, and an additional charge if shoppers cancel their purchases....
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