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Turning Customers Into Creators By JENNA WORTHAM October 23, 2010 A FEW young women are gathered around a conference table dotted with bottles of colorful vitamin drinks, iPod cables and slender laptops. A whiteboard with lime-green writing almost swallows a wall in the room. One bites her lip; another taps lightly on the table. They’re all quiet, deep in thought, as they decide whether it would be a good idea to add a music feature to the Web site they’re working on — a new online shopping site called PlumWillow . “The problem,” says one of them, Sarah Murphy, “is that there are so many genres of music that it’d be hard to get it right what people want to listen to.” “Right,” Carla Larin concurs, tossing her wavy brown hair. “But it’d be cool to have, like, a PlumWillow station full of songs we think are cool.” None of these girls are the company’s founders, nor are they social media consultants. They aren’t at PlumWillow’s office for “take your daughter to work day,” either. Rather, they’re part of a team of 15- and 16-year-old interns who are being tapped for their own special brand of expertise and insight: a bird’s-eye view into the life and mind of high school teenagers, exactly the audience that PlumWillow is seeking. “They definitely aren’t shy about telling us what they like and don’t like,” says Lindsay Anvik, director of marketing at PlumWillow, who helps oversee the internship program at its offices in Manhattan.
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8. Wortham, Turning Customers Into Creators, 2010 (1) -...

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