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NAME: CS 176A – Introduction to Computer Communication Networks Midterm Exam Prep Questions–Fall 2011 Closed Book, Closed Notes, NO Calculators (for questions involving math, simplify as much as possible) Exam Time: 9:30am -10:45am (strictly enforced) Read each question carefully! Answer questions precisely points will be taken of For unnecessary inFormation. Be aware of question point values and manage eFort and time accordingly. [X pts](1) : What are the layers of the ISO/OSI stack? [X pts](2) : A noisy (30 dB signal-to-noise ratio) 100 kHz channel carries 256 signal levels. What is the maximum date rate? (HINT: One calculation you might need is log 2 (1 + alog 10 ( 30 dB 10 )) = 9 . 9672) [X pts](3) : What are the two general categories of ±ow control for data link layer protocols? [X pts](4) : A 56 kbps modem actually transfers data across the wire at a maximum bandwidth of 33.6 kbps. What two factors create this limit?
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