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Making_A_Movie - graphical capabilities Suppose for example...

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CS 111 - Introduction to Computational Science Making a movie in Matlab The following code describes how to make a movie in Matlab. Comments start with a %. % Get a figure: fig=figure; % Create a movie file called ‘‘example.avi’’ (the format is .avi): aviobj = avifile(‘example.avi’) for k=1:Number_of_Frames % Number_of_Frames is an integer you define. plot_commands % Put all of your plot commands here. % Get the frame: F = getframe(fig); % Append the frame to the movie: aviobj = addframe(aviobj,F); end % Close things as usual: close(fig) aviobj = close(aviobj); Loading Files in Matlab Let us assume that we use C++ to do our computations, but that we still want to use Matlab’s
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Unformatted text preview: graphical capabilities. Suppose for example that want to plot y as a function of x . Assume that we save the data from C++ in a file called My_File.dat with the following format: 0 2 .3 2.5 .6 4.2 .9 5.9 ... i.e. the first column refers to the x ’s and the second column refers to the corresponding y ’s. The following Matlab commands will be used to plot y versus x : load My_File.dat; % Load the file into Matlab. x=My_File(:,1); % Assign x to be the first column of the file. y=My_File(:,2); % Assign y to be the second column of the file. plot(x,y); % Plot y as a function of x. 1...
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