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Game Theory 1-26-12

Game Theory 1-26-12 - GameTheory 1262012 Notation o Players...

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Game Theory      1-26-2012 Notation o Players: i , j  o Particular Strategy of player i: si  Particular number played o Strategy Set: Si {1,2,3…100) Numbers/options available to the player o Strategy profile: s Tells you what everyone else played, the outcome of the game {31, 17, 90} o Payoff Ui(S)={$5/players if win}                                     or                       {0 if lose} o Strategy choice for every player except player i: S-i o Ui(si, s-i) What’s your payoff, selecting strategy I, given everyone else selected S-i Hannibal o How many battalions can he get through. E/e= easy route H,h=hard route o Is there a strictly dominated strategy?  Player i’s strategy si’ is strictly dominated by si if Ui( si, s-i ) > Ui( si’, s-i )   s-i si is better no matter what s-i is  (1) Player 
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