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Exam 3 2011 - Name Student ID Page 1 Zoology 470 Exam#3...

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Name: ______________________________________ Student ID:________________________ Page 1 Zoology 470 - Exam #3 – 2011 This exam has 6 pages and a total of 50 points . You will have 120 minutes to complete it. Answer all short answer questions as briefly as possible. Make sure your name and ID number are on all pages. 1. Provide concise definitions for each of the following ( 6 points ) a. nodal vesicular parcel (NVP): b. coelom: c. regression of Henson's node: d. amniote: 2. For each phrase referring to various aspects of amphibian gastrulation on the left match ALL appropriate response(s) drawn from the column on the right. Note : in some cases, the correct answer will require more than one choice from the right-hand column. If none of the answers on the right are appropriate, write "none" ( 5 points ). a. cells from here contribute to the somites_____ b. undergoes apical constriction______ c. forms central nervous system ________ d. undergoes convergent extension_______ e. uses directed migration via lamellipodia, but does not undergo convergent extension____ _ ____ f. some cells from here form part of the archenteron ______ g. undergoes epiboly_______ h. requires aligned fibronectin for proper migration_____ Animal Vegetal Dorsal
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Name: ______________________________________ Student ID:________________________ Page 2 3. Complete the following table referring to extraembryonic membranes in mammals. Note: only provide mammalian functions of the indicated membranes ( 4 points ). Membrane Double-layered tissue from which it is derived Major function(s) in mammals Amnion Chorion Yolk sac Allantois 4. Circle true (T) or false (F) for each of the following. Read each statement carefully. ( 8 points ) T F Oct4 is a a “Yamanaka factor” important for inducing pluripotency in vitro, but has not been shown to play a role in establishing pluripotency in the mammalian blastocyst in vivo T F Siamois is a gene involved in differentiation of the Nieuwkoop Center, which forms on the ventral side of the early Xenopus embryo T F Repulsion between cells expressing Ephrin ligands in the optic tectum and neurons expressing Eph receptors is more likely when neurons have high levels of the Eph receptors on their surfaces. T F Adrenal medulla cells form from neural crest that migrate over the dorsal surface of somites. T F Somites and rhombomeres are both examples of metamerism. T F The umbilical vein is important in mammals because it carries oxygenated blood from the placenta back to the fetus T F Treating amphibian zygotes with the microtubule depolymerizing agent, nocodazole, within a few minutes after fertilization would result in embryos with excess dorsal and anterior structures.
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