Oscilloscope - PHY134 OSCILLOSCOPE Exp 1 Abstract In this...

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PHY134 OSCILLOSCOPE Exp. 1 Abstract In this lab, we will not learn a physics principle. Instead, we will learn how to use two particular tools: an oscilloscope and a wave function generator. The oscilloscope is a device that can be considered as electronic graph paper. Its most common use is to measure and display a voltage that varies with time. We will generate voltages that vary with time using a wave function generator and learn to display and measure their characteristics with an oscilloscope. There will be no recorded data during this lab. Instead, students should work with the oscilloscope until they are conFdent that they can adjust the scope parameters to give a nicely triggered display of any amplitude of frequency wave, and measure the amplitude and frequency of the wave. 1 Knowledge, Understanding, and Skills You should have a “hands-on” experience and ability with all the following: The waveform shapes known as “sine waves”, “triangle waves”, and “square waves”. How generate each of these waveforms using the generator. How to change the frequency and voltage of the generated waveform. Details of a cathode ray tube including: Where the electrons (aka “cathode rays”) came from. How they are accelerated. How they are steered toward a screen. Why the screen is illuminated when struck by the electron beam. Operation of your oscilloscope including: How to change/set the vertical scale in “Volts/division”. How to set the horizontal scale in “Seconds/division”. How to adjust the oscilloscope’s “trigger” so as to produce a stable waveform display. How to measure the height of a waveform as peak-to-peak or amplitude. How to measure the period of a waveform. How to measure the frequency of a waveform. Why a “square wave” can be used to electrically mimic the repeated opening and closing of a switch.
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OSCILLOSCOPE Exp. 1 2 Equipment 1 oscilloscope 1 voltage generator 1 battery 1 tap key 4 wires Figure 1: Here is the equipment of the lab. 3 Principle of Operation The oscilloscope is a laboratory instrument frequently used to give a visual display of time-varying voltages. While some oscilloscopes now use liquid-crystal displays (LCDs), many (including the ones you will use) still
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Oscilloscope - PHY134 OSCILLOSCOPE Exp 1 Abstract In this...

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