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Using applicable Canadian Auditing Standards (CASs), Canadian Standard on Quality Control (CSQC-1) and ICANS Code of Professional Conduct ( http://www.icans.ns.ca/media/documents/RulesofConduct.pdf ) or CGA Code of Ethical Principles and Rules of Conduct ( http://www.cga-canada.org/en- ca/StandardsLib/ca_ceproc.pdf ), please answer the following questions: 1. What topics should a successor auditor discuss with the predecessor auditor before accepting an audit engagement? What responsibilities does the predecessor auditor have, if any, regarding the successor auditor’s inquiries, according to the auditing standards? Regarding the predecessor auditor’s audit work papers, must the predecessor auditor allow the successor auditor access to their working papers? ( Explain your answer.) What is the client’s role in the successor auditor’s communications with the predecessor auditor? (Make sure to relate your answer to the situation in the case.) 2. How should the large number of auditor switches at Sky Scientific have influenced Scutillo &
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