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Classics 51A Spring Quarter 2011 Art & Archaeology of Ancient Greece Second Writing Assignment Due Date: Tuesday, May 24 in class (lecture) (Please make sure to hand your paper to your TA And to upload it onto TurnItIn) Choose one of the following topics and prepare a paper of approximately 1,500 words length (about 4-5 pages at 1 ½ spacing): a) What sort of information does underwater archaeology provide that traditional excavation on land cannot? What does the Ulu Burun or Ka ş shipwreck tell us about trade and the distribution of commodities in the Late Bronze Age?
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Unformatted text preview: or b) Describe the development of ancient Greek burial customs through time, beginning in the Bronze Age and continuing through the Classical period. Your answer should be informed by examples from the tombs themselves, as well as burial customs, representations of death on pottery, funerary markers, and in Greek literature. Additional books on Closed Reserve for Topic b) : -Kurtz, D.C., and J. Boardman, Greek Burial Customs (1971) -Garland, R., The Greek Way of Death (1985)...
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