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Contact: Viktoria Berezhetska FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tel. 555/555-2222 Cell Phone: 096/2925032 E-mail: [email protected] FINAL DESTINATION: EGYPT Popular Resorts Appeared To Be Attractive Not Only for Tourists But Also For Sharks; The Lack of Food Made Sharks Go Wild Popular resort in Egypt called Sharm el Sheikh is from now on associated not only with a good-quality rest and recreation but also with the shark attacks. The whitetip shark attacked four tourists while they were scuba diving. According to the Unian (2010), the shark attacked for the first time on Tuesday and badly injured a diving couple from Russia. On Wednesday the shark managed to bit off the arms of another two tourists in the same area. “The uncontrolled fishing in the popular diving areas left the sharks without food” said the Director of Sinai Conversation Mohammed Salem.
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Unformatted text preview: Mohammed Salem mentioned that the ban on fishing was established in certain areas in order to ensure sharks with food and make them leave the diving areas. The four tourists in a critical condition after the shark attack were transported to the hospital in Cairo. For the last two years Egyptian resorts have been popular with Russian and Ukrainian tourists because of the affordable prices, good quality rest and all-inclusive system. Each year the amount of people coming to Egypt is increasing. Despite the fact that tourists are no longer allowed to stay in water, they are still willing to visit Egyptian resorts. ### If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Viktoria Berezhetska, please call Olga Pencenkova for at 555/555-2222 or e-mail Olga at [email protected]
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