Lenovo - 1 From Legend to Lenovo – From Trading Business...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 From Legend to Lenovo – From Trading Business to Global Brand By Celia, Au Sau Yin (04701194G) As of 28 th Sept, 2007/9/28 Related Course SD5002: Design and Culture: Cultural Identity and Authorship SD5014: Consumer as Producer: Critical Trends in Product SD5101: Brand Experience Management for the PRC SD5102: Design and Value Creation SD5015: Globalization and Design SD5201: Collaborative Design and Technology Index 1. Introduction ----------------------------------------------------------------------P. 2 2. Milestone -------------------------------------------------------------------------P. 2 - 3 3. Strategic Planning----------------------------------------------------------------P. 3 -5 4. Technology -----------------------------------------------------------------------P. 6 - 8 5. Collaborative Communication -------------------------------------------------P. 8 - 14 6. Advertising -----------------------------------------------------------------------P. 14 7. Organizational Management----------------------------------------------------P. 14 - 15 8. Product Development -----------------------------------------------------------P. 16 9. Conclusion ------------------------------------------------------------------------P. 16 10. Bibliography ----------------------------------------------------------------------P. 17 2 1. Introduction The Lenovo Group, previously known as the Legend Group, is China’s largest computer manufacturer. It is also the third largest computer producer in the world. In this report, I will analyze the reason behind its success. In 1984, a group of energetic electronics engineers came together and shared their knowledge for developing and creating digital tools. Their goal was to apply their ideas on different aspects of life in order to improve people’s standard of living. The Legend Group was thus conceived. As a local company in China, the Legend Group made use of their competitive advantage over foreign computer giants to successfully seize the largest personal computer market share in China in the first two decades of its business. However, beyond the China market, the Legend Group was known merely as an OEM company of other foreign computer brands such as IBM. In order to enter the international market, the Legend Group maximized their strength by cooperating with other companies to compensate for their weaknesses. Therefore, in 2004, they acquired IBM ThinkPad and PC business to get the state-of-the-art computer manufacturing technologies, business management techniques, customer base as well as the already well-built brand names. Based on the acquired technologies, they began to develop their own computer products using the new brand name Lenovo and they were marketed globally....
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Lenovo - 1 From Legend to Lenovo – From Trading Business...

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