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CHAPTER 1 Introduction Introduction Junks are everywhere, that’s for sure. All that are said to be useless are usually just thrown away, apparently contributing to the environment’s gradual deterioration. Most of the people fail to keep an area clean, in shape and healthy. Negligence is really prevalent. However, this is not to be tolerated. The environment is in need of restoration. Its damage is not to be neglected. Actions must take place and starting with those junks is a good way.
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Chapter 1: Introduction Usually, people will say that junks are worthless. Still, let’s face the fact that some of the junks are reusable. It is said that there’s money in trash. It considers value. Junkshops are built for the purpose of collecting trash or junks, as to say, in order to recuperate them for further uses. This kind of merchandise is eco-friendly and earning cash from this is, of course, not just an economical thing. Yet, you can see that even the “worthless” are in the line of business. Junkshops are almost everywhere and its existence is essential in every area especially those near dumpsites and industries. Penetration will not be that difficult because of ever increasing demand. There’s always a place for new venture that will competently revive the nature’s beauty. Background of the Study
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1.Introduction - CHAPTER 1 Introduction Introduction Junks...

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