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8.Conclusion and Recommendation final

8.Conclusion and Recommendation final - because of the fact...

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CHAPTER 8 Conclusion and  Recommendations
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Chapter 8: Conclusion and Recommendation Conclusion and Recommendation: After having through with the extensive study and thorough analysis of every aspect of this project, an overall evaluation in favor of establishing a junk shop was found to be feasible and worthy of financing. The business primarily deals with buying and selling recyclable items. The main problem the business would have to face is how to adapt to the price fluctuations inherent in the business of the company. But simultaneous existence of such business is evident that this is not a big deal. A strong competition in this kind of business does not serve as a hindrance in establishing this kind of project
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Unformatted text preview: because of the fact that there are so many junks that we can recycle, so the demand for this business is high enough for the company to earn profits. In conducting this study, projections and graphs that show favorable effect and efficient sampling, analytic and accounting techniques that have been used, the proponents are confident on the reliability of the results although this may not be sufficient to guarantee a 100% desired result but still through hard work and self-dedication to the study, business takers will be encouraged to enter this kind of project because the business is viable as to profitability. 105...
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