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Simple_Fractional_Distillation - 9rganic!5emistry Lab...

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!"# %%&’ (all %&&+ ,epartment of !5emistr8 9rganic !5emist ry Lab I Villanova University Page 1 of 3 Simple and Fractional Distillations: Apparatus and Procedure Week 5 – September 22 – 28, 2009 Procedure is from Bell, Clark and Taber, Chapter 5, Exp 5B and 5C, pgs 54, 55 Apparatus Required for each Team ! 2 Boiling Flasks (100 mL round bottom flasks) ! 2 Distillation heads ! 1 Vigreux column (sign out from stock room ) ! 2 Thermometers ! 2 Rubber thermometer adapter fittings ! 2 Condensers ! 2 Vacuum takeoff adapters ! 2 – 10 mL graduated cylinders to be used as receivers to collect distillation fractions ! 2 Heating mantles ! Red rubber tubing for condensers ! 4 -6 Three-prong clamps and clamp holders ! Yellow Keck clips ! Boiling stone (use only one or two stones per boiling flask!) Work in Teams of 2 or 4 for this experiment. Half of the Team will carry out a simple distillation of a 1:1 mixture of cyclohexane and toluene (methylbenzene) and the other half will perform a fractional distillation of the cyclohexane/toluene mixture. Each Team will then use gas chromatography to compare the composition of the first and last collected fractions for both the simple and fractional distillation processes. Carry out the distillations in your hoods. Procedure 1. Place 20 mL of the cyclohexane/toluene (1:1) mixture in each of two 100 mL round bottom flasks containing one or two boiling stones. 2. Assemble one flask in a simple distillation apparatus (see illustration on page 3) using a 10 mL graduated cylinder as your collection receptacle. Have another 10 mL graduated cylinder ready since you will be collecting up to 16 or 17 one mL fractions.
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