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CHM 2201 Fall 2009 Department of Chemistry Organic Chemist ry Lab I Villanova University Page 1 of 3 Properties of Hydrocarbons From Bell, Clark and Taber, Chapter 16, pages 183 – 184 Conduct this experiment in a hood! You will examine some chemical and physical properties of selected saturated, unsaturated and aromatic hydrocarbons. Several reagents used in this experiment must be handled with care. Sulfuric acid and bromine can cause burns and must be washed immediately with water if spilled on the skin. Exposure to vapors of bromine and methylene chloride should be avoided, so be sure to perform all work in the hood. 1. Using clean disposable pipettes, place ~1.5 mL of the following compounds in separate small labeled test tubes. ( HINT: The height of the liquid in the pipette required to obtain ~1.5 mL of sample is marked on the standard pipette taped on the side of the community hoods) a. In three separate test tubes, place approximate 1.5 mL samples of cyclohexane, cyclohexene, toluene b. In two separate test tubes, place approximate 1.5 mL samples of two unknowns (assigned by your TAs). Each work group should obtain one of the following unknown pairs to work with: i. Unknown A and Unknown B or ii. Unknown C and Unknown D or iii. Unknown A and Unknown D or iv. Unknown B and Unknown C c. You will be using these test tubes containing knowns and unknowns to obtain samples for testing in the following experiments A, B, C, D and E below. 2. Also have ready in your hood: a. A warm water bath (use a 400 mL beaker half filled with water warmed on a hot plate) with the temperature adjusted between 50 - 60° C (no warmer than 60° C!). b. 20 - 13 x 100-mm (medium sized) test tubes; separate the test tubes into 4 groups consisting of 5 test tubes each. c.
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Properties_of_Hydrocarbons_Expt - CHM2201 OrganicChemistry...

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