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MPlab_comments - where the numbers face you is an easy task...

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The main thing to have taken away from Week #1 was the preparation of a sample for MP determination, and proper operation of the MP apparatus. I think as a group we did fairly well! Here are some random comments I have on the topic: • remember that all you need inside the capillary is a tiny amount of sample! • on the MP apparatus, make sure the light comes on when you turn on the power switch on the front; if it does not, double check to make sure the unit is plugged in (and if it still doesn't come on, a breaker may have gone off and sometimes on the plug being used this can be reset). • make sure the spinner is stirring at a reasonable rate as we need the heat to be distributed in the fairly viscous oil used. • also check using the little dial and the mirror that you can read the temp on the thermometer; sometimes the thermometer has wiggled a bit as to make reading it hard, but rotating it with your fingers carefully to
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Unformatted text preview: where the numbers face you is an easy task. • putting the capillary into the unit can be tricky as some of you found! After getting past the opening hole (from a choice of 5), you have to 'find' a second hole carefully, before then sliding the tube the rest of the way while peering into the window, resting the end of the tube in the corresponding indentation on the metal plate just in front of where the thermometer bulb rests. • making a quick run with fast heat, then a slower run after allowing the temp to cool back down a bit, is good practice. • we report a melting range, not a melting point! • note, if your MP apparatus is located near a compressed air outlet, it may be set up with a rubber hose so that cooling down of the oil can be sped along by carefully turning on the air....
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