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CHM 2201 Fall 2009 Department of Chemistry Organic Chemist r y L a b I Villanova University Melting Point Determination of an Unknown Compound Week 1 – August 24 – 28, 2009 From Organic Chemistry Laboratory by Bell, Clark and Taber, pgs 20 - 21 NOTE: No pre-lab write-up is necessary for this lab. 1. For this experiment, use a spatula to obtain a small pea-sized sample of one of the four unknown compounds in the community hood. Place the sample on a piece of weighing paper. Be sure to record the unknown’s number for identification purposes. The unknown will be one of the following compounds: a. Acetanilide m.p. = ~114 ° C b. p-Dichlorobenzene m.p. = ~53 ° C c. m-Dinitrobenzene m.p. = ~90 ° C d. Benzamide m.p. = ~130 ° C 2. Fill two melting point capillary tubes to about 5% of the tube’s length with a small portion of the organic compound you have chosen. a. The filling process is best accomplished by pressing the open end of the capillary into a small mound of the sample; this will force some of the compound into the
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