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bpmn1_1-1 - BPMN Business Process Modeling Notation 1.1...

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Gateways Data Attaching a data object with an Undirected Association to a sequence flow indicates hand-over of information between the activities involved. A Directed Association indicates information flow. A data object can be read at the start of an activity or written upon completion. A Bidirected Association indicates that the data object is modified, i.e. read and written during the execution of an actvity. A Data Object represents information flowing through the process, such as business documents, e-mails or letters. Events Transactions Swimlanes activity Start Event : Catching an event starts a new process instance. Intermediate Event (catching) : The process can only continue once an event has been caught. Attached Intermediate Event : The activity is aborted once an event is caught. Intermediate Event (throwing) : An event is thrown and the process continues. End Event : An event is thrown when the end of the process is reached. Start End Intermediate Plain Message Timer Error Cancel Compen- sation Conditional Link Signal Multiple Terminate Catching Throwing Untyped events, typically showing where the process starts or ends. Receiving and sending messages. Cyclic timer events, points in time, time spans or timeouts. Catching or throwing named errors. Reacting to cancelled transactions or triggering cancellation.
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