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JRules BP trend

JRules BP trend - ILOG Inc ILOG JRules Ver 6.0 ILOG JRULES...

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ILOG, Inc. ILOG JRules, Ver. 6.0 1 ILOG JRULES Version 6.0 ILOG INC. 1080 Linda Vista Ave. Mountain View, CA USA 94043 Tel: (650) 567-8000 Web: www.ilog.com E-mail: [email protected] 1. Product Overview ILOG automates business policies in custom and composite business applications through their business rule management system (BRMS) for the Java and .NET platforms. Today, ILOG strategy for the .Net and Java platform is to provide tools that fully leverage their respective platform while integrating toward full rule inter-operability and functional equivalence between the two platforms. This report focuses primarily on JRules features for building and managing rules on the Java platform. ILOG JRules provides a comprehensive set of tools designed for both the business and technical teams. The ability to focus on both business and IT positions ILOG’s delivery of BRMS without compromise. JRules 6 is a new generation BRMS that meets the needs of both teams with tools and features designed specifically for their particular needs and way of working. Table 1 provides an overview of JRules 6 and the key capabilities. JRules empowers the business team with the complete functionality called Rule Care. Rule Care combines a deep, scalable rule repository with a thin client rule management application designed specifically for the needs of policy managers engaged in rule authoring, management and maintenance. The thin client web application gives the policy manager a complete, wizard-based rule editing, management, and deployment facility. Rule Care also provides the business team with the ability to simulate changes in business rules and perform what-if analysis to determine the potential impact of rule changes on business operations. Rule Tech is ILOG’s tech-centric rule environment. Rule Tech provides the productivity functionality for the technical team including an extensive Java library for defining and extending rule execution and management environments. Rule Tech delivers rule application development without compromise: a full feature set for realizing the promise of rule applications capabilities, fully integrated with developers’ existing tools, methodologies and skills. JRules is designed to integrate with any Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE). FullCircle BRM provides the functionality for the business policy manager to manage rules through the entire business rule lifecycle. This includes the ability to reference, share and reuse rules among rule authors with different professional backgrounds and languages. ILOG has achieved this by decoupling the business models and technical execution models, while still providing the ability to share and reuse information between the two models. To assist in managing these different authoring and development communities, ILOG JRules provides automated (“on-demand”) synchronization of rules (and rule artifacts) associated with developing and managing rule projects across the different tool sets as well as across the enterprise.
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