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Power of Leadership Perspectives Bob Bostrom, Ph.D. Vikki Clawson, Ph.D. Gandhi was one of the premier negotiators and profound leaders of our time. When he was negotiating with Great Britain, it was a time of great tension for both countries. The eyes of the world and his people were upon Gandhi. When asked how he dealt with that time in his life, how he prepared himself for the negotiations, he would often respond that first, he would go inside and find out how he was really thinking and feeling about the situation. What he believed, what he thought was true and best, what was important to him and to India (Self). Then he would step inside the shoes of his opponent/adversary and really try to see the situation from the other side. He would become his English adversary, thinking and feeling like them, taking on their historical and personal perspectives fully (Other). Finally, Gandhi would step out and see the situation from the perspective of the outside world and ask how does the rest of the world see the situation. ..the big picture view. .. a more neutral view of situation without the “baggage” of England or India (Observer). Once he had looked fully at the situation from all three perspectives, he would step back into the self perspective, enriched with the information gained from the perspectives, and negotiate as the leader of India. This story illustrates our ability as human beings to look at the world from a number of different perspectives. .. Self, Other, and Observer . We have the ability to shift back and forth between these positions very quickly. When we step into each perspective or position, we gain rich information. Effective leaders have the ability to recognize and utilize perceptual positions to gather as much information as they can about a situation or interaction. Let’s experiment with perceptual positions so you can experience them personally. Following this experiment, we will discuss their impact on leadership. Recall an experience in your mind’s eye in which you were in an argument with one other person, where you know you were right and they were wrong. It is important to recall one specific argument in which you were right. Do each of the following steps in your mind and pay attention to your experience:
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Power_of_Leadership_Perspective - Power of Leadership...

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