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Filters - Function: to retain components in a given range of frequencies and discard the components in another range - Two-port networks Transfer Function - The ratio of the phasor output voltage to the phasor input voltage as a function of frequency - H(f) = V out / V in - The transfer function magnitude is the ratio of the output amplitude to the input amplitude - Shows how the amplitude of each frequency component is affected by the filter - The phase of the transfer function is the output phase minus the input phase - Shows how the phase of each frequency component is affected by the filter Input Signals with Multiple Components - How to determine the output of a filter for an input with multiple components 1. Determine the frequency and phasor representations for each input component 2. Determine the (complex) value of the transfer function for each component 3. Obtain the phasor for each output component by multiplying the phasor for each input component by the corresponding transfer-function value
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