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Susan Stalte Mid-Term: Essay Questions October 13, 2011 Mid-Term Essay Questions 1. Looking back over the three chapters covered in the text Christian Foundations: An Introduction to Faith in Our Time , the one chapter that had the most meaning for me was Chapter 2, The Existence of God. This chapter gave me a ‘new understanding’ of my faith from the “8 Experiences That Point to God.” The experience of beauty and goodness, the trustworthiness of reality, the witness of outstanding human beings, are all things that are part of my everyday life. I honestly never connected these aspects to God. However, this chapter helped me to realize that all these little ‘experiences’ are all gifts from God! I feel as if this gave me a ‘new understanding’ to my faith, since I can now see God through these small gifts in life. The testimony of Conscience, for example-I always presumed our conscience was constructed by our morals and how we were brought up. Only now do I see that this is a way of God speaking through me. One quote in the Chapter that I found most meaningful can be found on page 25; “Rahner suggests that we can recognize this experience if we substitute the term “mystery” for the term “God,” for ultimately that is
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mid term essay _s - Susan Stalte Mid-Term Essay Questions...

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