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AIEFINAL - Susan Stalte Sr Peggy December 6 2011 AIE...

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Susan Stalte Sr. Peggy December 6, 2011 AIE Assignment The mystery of suffering and evil is something I think about quite often. With that said, I found this chapter very interesting. There were a number of different theories and viewpoints discussed, many of which I have not reflected on before. Towards the beginning of the chapter, a segment on the book of Job in the Hebrew Scriptures caught my attention. In the story, Job goes from having everything in life, to slowly losing it all. With that said, there are two explanations for this happening. The first being, he must have sinned, “…for suffering is a divine punishment for sin” (1). The second being that “…Job’s suffering is a testing, a disciplining of the human spirit…” (1). I found the second reasoning to be very insightful, since this follows more of my personal beliefs – that God is loving God and cannot prevent all evil. Another key insight I came across in the chapter is in regards to sin. I was intrigued to read about encountering bad example,
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