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Susan Stalte Professor Froggatt ENG 107 February 15, 2012 RESEARCH PROPOSAL For this research assignment, I plan to compose a critical persuasive essay in regards to whether or not it is healthy for human adults to consume milk. Throughout the research process, I hope to learn more about the genetically engineered hormones present in today’s dairy milk and additional reasons why milk is not necessary in the diet. Do adults need to incorporate milk into their diet to prevent disease? What unhealthy constituents are really being added to supermarket dairy milk? Being a Nutrition major, I’ve learned about both sides to the milk controversy. Personally, I am a promoter of incorporating milk into the diet. However, I plan to expand my knowledge on the opposing viewpoint through this research assignment. Being approved for this topic will
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Unformatted text preview: allow me to become more aware of what is truly in our dairy milk and will allow me to make both personal and professional recommendations in the future. Considering milk is an aspect of the food pyramid, this topic is worth considering to every adult. In order to conduct this high level of research, I plan to incorporate library and Internet research, as well as professional journals. Throughout the research process, I expect to encounter many unreliable sources regarding the topic that are based mainly on opinions. In order to solve this, I will use only professional sources and reliable websites. The main source I plan to use for the assignment will be professional Nutrition journals. Nevertheless, I plan to incorporate an array of research in the assignment by referring to the and Discovery Health....
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