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Susan Stalte Prewriting strategy #2: 5 Things I Cannot Live Without For my narrative I’m going to write about the five things that I cannot live without. These five things include: my smart phone, flat iron, MacBook Pro, money, and Saranya Manhunthan. These aren’t in any specific order. I chose my smart phone as one of the five things I cannot live without, because it’s the way of the world today. Everyone in my generation, even older, has a phone on them at all times simply because of the importance of instant communication today. I’m always texting someone so it was crucial to include this object in my top five things. My next item was a flat iron. I know it may sound silly but I need my hair straight! Besides when I go to class or am just at home. My
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Unformatted text preview: third item would be my MacBookPro. I realize I sound extremely materialistic, but I really am not. I use my Mac for everything, especially college! MY fourth subject would be: money. I need money on me at all times! I worked two jobs up until a few months ago. My goal is to take out as least student loans than I have to. I’m a really good saver once I get my paycheck. Lastly, my fifth thing that I cannot live without is my best friend Saranya Manhunthan. Saranya and I have been best friends for four years! We talk basically all day everyday, and will definitely be my maid of honor in my wedding. These five things are all necessities in my everyday life....
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