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nut article - method have led to N-halamine-modifed...

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Susan Stalte. November 4, 2011 Food Technology : Improving the Sanitation of Food Processing Surfaces Julie M. Goddard. Professional Member of IFT, Assistant Professor (Dept. of Food Science) University of Massachusetts According to Food Technology journal, sanitation when dealing with food is not something to be taken lightly. Today, we are relying on machinery to do the majority of food production. With that, cross contamination of foods is possible. When microorganisms are transmitted to food through the surface of a material, cross- contamination is likely. Food safety precautions must be taken in order to prevent this issue. The article discusses that even after these steps are taken, there is still a chance that pathogenic and spoilage organisms will continue to survive on non-food contact surfaces. A rising number of commercially available antimicrobial products are available today, including: Habasit AG’s HabaGUARD and Sciessent’s Agion. Another growing approach to antimicrobial development is the integration of nanotechnology. Advances in this
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Unformatted text preview: method have led to N-halamine-modifed cleansers. Halogen based chemical sanitizers are frequently used during everyday sanitation. These recent developments in technology offer assurance to improving sanitation of food processing surfaces. Unfortunately, challenges continue to remain in making these approaches marketable realistic solutions. In the end, it is the responsible use of antimicrobial used in conjunction with proper cleaning that will work in reducing contamination. This article can be related to the course because it deals with the importance of sanitation and the necessary precautions to avoid cross-contamination. These are all issues discussed in both the textbook and in class. Personally, I found this article interesting because I was unaware of the growing advances in sanitation techniques and the side effects that just one cross-contamination can have on a company....
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