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Susan Stalte. October 31, 2011 Farmscaping: Advanced Tactics for Achieving Sustainable Agriculture San Luis Video Publishing 1996 Five Facts from the video: The goals of farmscaping include: enhancing biological diversity, enriching soil fertility drainage and tilth, achieving biological weed and insect pest management, and reducing use of agricultural chemicals A high level of diversity typically creates a buffer to disease, weed and insect pest outbreaks Cover cropping is usually the main tactic used in farmscaping The soil is the key to agricultural crop production Hedgerows and windbreaks can play important roles in agricultural pest management Five terms and their definitions: Biological diversity: increase and maintain the number of plant and animal species that exist in the soil and above, both in the farm and around its edges. Agroecosystems: farm ecosystems (more biologically stable when a greater number of organisms are present) Compost crops: plants such as cereals and grains that are harvested for the
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Unformatted text preview: building of on-farm compost piles • Trap crops: cover crops used to attract insect and mite pests away from cash crops • Allelopathy: suppression of the growth of one species by another Would you recommend the video? Although this video was extremely detailed and informational, it was a bit too informational for me. Therefore, I would not recommend this video to a friend. It was slightly slow-paced and didn’t catch my attention. If the film was re-made today and cut down, students would be more interested to watch it. I found the interviews with the workers to be unnecessary, as I didn’t learn anything from what they said. Other than it being slightly boring, it was informational. I knew nothing about biological diversity or allelopathy before viewing the film, so at least I took something out of it! It was also interesting learning about the many pest prevention steps needed as well as the different categories of crops....
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