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eng paperrr savvy shopper - Stalte 1 Susan Stalte Professor...

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Stalte 1 Susan Stalte Professor Gail Froggatt ENG 107 February 13, 2012 Poor Economy Promoting Savvy Shoppers For shoppers, locking in the greatest deals is quickly becoming a lifestyle choice, if not a source of satisfaction and status. Over the past year, millions of consumers have integrated deal hunting into their daily lives. Businesses have developed new and groundbreaking ways to offer promotions and offers. The current recession has in turn pushed consumers to making bargain hunting a way of life. Rather than having to hide one’s bargain, getting a good deal is now conventional. It is the poor state of the American economy that has contributed to the development of savvy shoppers and “dealer chic.” The United States economy is undoubtedly in a recession. According to the Tampa Bay Times , Sarah Palin claims, “President Obama has spent more money than the last 43 presidents – combined” (Van Susteren). With that said, consumers have been leaning towards money-saving options. The discount trend has grown to focus more on just saving money: it is the excitement, the chase, the power, and consequently a source of ranking too. Dealer chic has flourished over the past year or so, particularly with getting more for less. Store and product coupons have helped with this. For example, buy one get one free coupons can be found for virtually any business. Consumers have become savvy by even separating their orders at the check out line, just to get more for their buck.
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eng paperrr savvy shopper - Stalte 1 Susan Stalte Professor...

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