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Demonstration Assessment

Demonstration Assessment - 6 True or False Heating helps...

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Demonstration Assessment: Ice Cream Susan Stalte & Heather Colket 1. Ice cream is made by freezing a _____________________________. 2. How much milkfat does the FDA state that ice cream must contain? ______________________________ 3. Why do frozen desserts tend to contain higher amounts of sugar? _______________________________________________________________________ _ 4. Define the “Premium” classification of ice cream: _______________________________________________________________________ _________________ 5. What does too much overrun produce? _____________________________________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: 6. True or False: Heating helps blend the ice cream mixture thoroughly prior to the freezing process 7. ________________________ cannot be too quick, since the ice crystals will not form properly. 8. What does it mean when the electronic motor is laboring? __________________________________________________________ 9. When laboring is complete, is the ice cream at the point similar to soft serve or hard serve? ________________________________ 10. True or False: Chocolate is the most popular flavor of ice cream and vanilla is second...
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