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Susan Stalte. November 7, 2011 The Food Processing Series: The Baking of Bread Penn State Media Sales 1992 Five Facts from the video: High gluten wheat is an ingredient added to toughen up the crumbs, specifically for a dinner role Yeast will produce the carbon dioxide needed for the bread to rise Salt is an ingredient used for both flavor and to control the growth of the yeast When one sees a weight on bread (1 lb. loaf, etc.) that describes the amount of dough that was used to produce the final baked product In order to maintain the crisp crust after baking, ‘cooling’ is a necessary step Five terms and their definitions: Stationary bar: attachment on a high speed mixer that prevents the dough from moving around the mixing bowl Dough hook: corkscrew shaped attachment on a high speed mixer, used to mix dough Oven spring: carbon dioxide expansion due to heat as the dough increases in volume
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Unformatted text preview: Shortening: ingredient used to work with the protein for gluten Proofing chamber: step used for yeast growth. Chamber of high humidity (80%) and high temperatures (104F), 30-40 minutes. Would you recommend the video? I would definitely recommend this video. I was able to easily understand the steps of bread production, as everything was right to the point. The film was somewhat short, but I feel like more time would not be needed to explain the steps. The host explained step-by-step the bread baking process. In the beginning, I enjoyed learning the role of each ingredient and what affect that had on the final product. Before watching the video, I had assumed that the bread baking process was far simpler than what is actually is! Again, I felt like each aspect of bread baking was successfully explained and easy to comprehend. Therefore, I would recommend the film!...
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