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Susan Stalte Dr. Carolyn Albright October 18, 2011 Assignment 3: Weight Management Neuro Drinks are a series of nutrient-enhanced waters that claim to improve overall wellness. With each beverage being half water and part supplement, Neuro is combining nutrition, health benefits, and style in their eye-catching bottling design. Each drink from the line is targeted towards a specific health issue varying from weight loss to enhanced sleep. The types presently available include: NeuroSonic, NueroBliss, NueroAqua, NeuroSleep, NeuroGasm and NeuroTrim. Depending on the function, the drink itself is either lightly carbonated or non-carbonated, all of which have their own flavor blend to go with it. Considering almost every American sets their New Years resolution to losing weight, you can’t get too much easier than simply drinking a bottle of ‘water’ 30 minutes before each meal. NeuroTrim is designed to promote healthy weight loss and claim “a leaner you in every bottle.” NeuroTrim is a non-carbonated, slightly grape-tasting beverage. With only 35 calories in every bottle, the drink claims to: lead to healthy weight loss, assist with better digestive health, promote healthy aging, and curb appetite. All while being free of caffeine and artificial colors or flavors. According to the company
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exs paperrr - Susan Stalte Dr. Carolyn Albright Consumer...

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