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Grouping the Gifted: Pro By Kenneth Mott (Adapted by J. Tschopp Huang) I regard gifted children as those who possess some quality or innate ability which has been recognized and identified by any number of testing and observation devices and who manifest interest and success in either physical, intellectual, or artistic pursuits. These might be children who are gifted athletes but who have real trouble mastering academic subject matter, or students who are poor athletes but are highly intellectual “quiz kids” who knock the top off all measuring devices. “Gifted” may describe pupils of average intelligence who have exceptional ability in art or music, or it may refer to the child with an IQ of 135 who excels in everything. I firmly believe that we should group gifted children as nearly as possible according to interest and ability (giftedness) and challenge them with a type of program that will help them to grow to the fullest extent of their abilities and capacities. One of the basic arguments against grouping the gifted is the fear of creating a caste of intellectual snobs. Similarly, some educators fear that the average and slow students would come to regard themselves as inferior. If my definition of the gifted is accepted, then
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Argument_sample_essay_Grouping_the_Gifted - Grouping the...

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